The Questionnaire



I previously mentioned in the “Identifying Different Characteristics of Youth Sport Parents” blog about the possible procedures to implement in order to continually educate the sporting influencer. Coaches could possibly create a questionnaire for young athletes to truly express themselves.  The results of the questionnaire  are two fold, one the coaches have an opporunity to understand athlete’s individual differences and styles, attitude, personality, response-ability, sensitivity and how they handle criticism and adversity. Additionally, the authenticity of the evidence can be presented by to the parents, that from personal experiences have made a massive difference, in overall sporting expectations between all parties involved. This has a connection with the Athletic Triangle and Two-way communication.

Please find the questionnaire example below:

1)Why do YOU participate in soccer?

Please circle the following:

  • To win

  • Have fun

  • Learn new skills

  • Love the sport

  • Make friends

  • Exercising

  • Playing tournament

Please state any other reason(s):



2)What do YOU want to achieve by participating in a soccer team?

Please circle the following:

  • Individual Improvements

  • Learn Teamwork

  • Increase level of confidence

  • College Scholarship

  • Trophies

Please state any other reason(s):

3)Prioritize the answered provided in question 2,

 1st being the highest and most important.






4)What is your favorite position? Why?

5)Which is better participating when participating in soccer? 

  • One specific position

  • Rotating Postions

 Please state your reasons:

6)Do you enjoy participating in different positions?

Please circle the following:

  • Yes

  • No

Please state your reasons:




7)A)Have you ever been in a situation when your team has lost by a large number of goals?

Please circle the following:

  • Yes

  • No

7)B)How did you respond?

Please circle the following:

  • Keep having fun

  • Work together with team mates

  • Try new skills

  • Get upset and demotivated

Please state other reasons:


8)How often do you hear parents/guardian, fans shouting and yelling from the sidelines during the game?

Please circle the following:

  • Often

  • Sometimes

  • Rarely

  • Never


9)If you hear things from the sideline (expect from the coach), what types of things do you hear?

Write some examples:

10)How do you feel when Parents and/or Guardians instructs or yell’s during the game from the sideline?

  • Feel confused

  • Distracted

  • Fear of failure

  • Positive

  • Upset

  • Embarrassed

Please provide other examples if possible:



Feel free to download  – Questionnaire – Understanding the player

Thank you to Professor Robyn Jones and Professor Valerie Wherley for all the support, guidance and edits.

The Sporting Influencer