“Just wanted to wish you all the best in your future career as a teacher. If you apply half the dedication and aptitude you displayed as a coach you’ll make a fantastic teacher. Big thanks from us for making Sam welcome as a new addition to the team and helping him to improve as a footballer and being a positive role model. Best of luck in the future Cash” 

Richard Gregson, Parent, Wales, UK

May, 2018

“ask’d for help and advice and received it in less than 10 minutes of asking,the help I was given will help me even more with my coaching in the future”

Peter Twigg, Grassroots Coach, Wales, UK

16th May, 2017

“You’ve inspired and influenced a culture.”

“Ambitious, intelligent, professional, 1st class gentleman” 

Tyce Shelburn, Soccer Parent

24th April, 2016

“I only hope that we are blessed to have coaches of your level of integrity in the future.  You have displayed a poise and class that is second to none.  What I mean by that is you have shown the boys and the parents, in my opinion, that having class and integrity in sport is crucial.  Crucial to practice. Crucial to learning. Crucial to games and crucial to the those you are playing.  The boys display a bit of dignity in their efforts now.  I think they now enjoy the soccer and sport experience. I know that I have come to appreciate this game more because of your displays of integrity and fairness towards all. Your efforts this fall season with these boys has been exemplary.  Which is evidenced by their performance.  Not winning necessarily but learning the game within the game. And for that, simply. -THANK YOU

U9 Soccer Parent

10th November, 2015

“Interesting observation, I also noted to (Another Parent) that the boys seemed to be having “more fun than usual” during this session.  Glad to see I wasn’t the only one who noted that, as it was clear to me that they we’re having a blast…. lots of laughter, but still intense play. I had my back to the boys almost the whole night but the tone, inflection and laughter of their voices was overwhelming and positive. Awesome session and great methodology.”

U10 Soccer Parent

1st May, 2015


“Having not seen the team play since spring, just an amazing synergy and transformation…and confident to pass backwards in all 3rds of the field. Just awesome to watch.  I would just like to thank you for a what may have been some seemingly simple words of encouragement”

 U10 Soccer Parent

27th April, 2015

“Thank you Richard for everything and I believe that last year was a great experience for (unnamed player), You are a great coach, your coaching helped him achieved a spot on his new team!”

U11 Soccer Parent

26th July 2015


“Speaking of development, remember, they were terrified of switching positions at the beginning of the season.  Now, and quoting (unnamed player):  “Coach Richard, any chance I can play right or left midfield in the second half?”.  Minds have been opened and many have realized that they can in fact be successful in other positions”

U11 Soccer Parent

5th June, 2015


“Thank you for your time and effort here. I truly love where you are coming from and how you are looking to develop the boys. I’m learning the game along with (unnamed player) and I’m enjoying the journey.”

U11 Soccer Parent

24th April, 2015


“Thanks your session reviews, have seen myself develop as a patient parent content to appreciate the little things that do so easily go overlooked in the game, yet are so integral to the team aspect of sport. “

U9 Soccer Parent

6th November, 2014


“I know it must take you a lot of time putting together the match analysis, notes, homework and searching out relevant and useful video clips. It’s always very well organized. I wanted you to know that it is much appreciated, useful and sets you apart in a very positive way from many other coaches. It’s become part of our weekly schedule that we do study them”

U9 Soccer Parent

28th October, 2014

Richard this past Tuesday night was the first time I actually stuck around for a practice since they started in late August and I just wanted you to know that it was one of the best practices I have seen since my son (unnamed) has been involved in Travel Soccer. I have seen plenty of Michael’s travel practices with his old team and the way you work with kids, individually, in small groups and with the team as a whole is superior to anything I have seen when compared to my son’s old team he spent 2 years with”

U11 Soccer Parent

16th October, 2014


 “Thanks for raising the bar for the kids”

U12 Soccer Parent

4th September, 2014



“I am not there as much as I would like, but I really like what I see… you are building confidence while instilling the right way to play. Great job and thanks

U12 Soccer Parent

1st September, 2014