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The page is designed to share resources with coaches, parents and players that could be implemented to educate those involved within youth sports, potentially to improve a child’s sporting experience.

Developing a Club Philosophy – Start with WHY  

Free E-Book:  developing-a-club-philosophy-e-book

To produce and provide the parent(s) and players the opportunity to “buy into” the club philosophy within youth sport, the club its self must consider and agree upon its foundational contexts. We must ask ourselves what is our aim and objective?

The following e-book discusses the following:

Why Coaches Coach?

How We Define Success at Youth Sport?

Process versus Outcome

What is Player Development?

Non-Development Playing Styles

What is a Club Philosophy?

Why Create a Club Philosophy?

Type of Philosophy

Implementation of a Club Philosophy


Implement and Review

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Dr Brendon Cropley,
PhD (Sport Psychology), BASES (Fellow) Accredited Sport & Exercise Scientist at Cardiff Met University