Positional Responsibilities

Coach: Richard Cashman

PGCE, (Hons) Degree, UEFA B

Resources: Positional Responsibilities

Massive appreciation to Stuart Amos for allowing me to adapt his initial template. Massive respect for his work, you can find him on Twitter: @stu_amos

I’m always humble enough to ask any coaches that influence my thoughts and approaches to the game if I can utilise their ideas and adapt it, whilst always crediting people for their work. I can only request coaches that use the following to offer the same respect.

The following positional responsibilities have been designed within a Game Model framework for my own coaching environment and may look different from other people’s experiences and environment. There are no right or wrong answers to it and I’m always seeking constrictive feedback to enhance these further for the individuals that I coach.

Individual Downloads


Download: Click the Link > PDF: GK

Full Backs: 

Download: Click the Link > PDF: Full Backs

Central Defenders: 

Download: Click the Link > PDF: Central Defenders pdf

Central Midfielders:

Download: Click the Link > PDF: Central Midfielders pdf


Download: Click the Link > PDF: Wingers

Centre Att Midfilder 


Download: Click the Link > PDF: Centre Att Midfielder

Centre Forward:

Download: Click the Link > PDF: Centre Forward

Entire Positional Responsibilities Document: PDF

Whole Positional Responsibilities Document (PDF)

Feel free to share the following and comment below with how you’ve managed to implement it within your environment and how you’d enhance it further.

Thank you for downloading

Richard Cashman

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