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100 Point Exercise by Play Positive 


Participation within any sporting activity creates and provides each young athlete(s) a different experience due to an array of diverse and individualistic reasons.  However, at times this aspect gets overshadowed by the expectations from parents, and what they “THINK” their child views as important.  It’s vitally important that we recognize “WHY” young athletes participate, this exercise provides each young athlete an opportunity to voice their WHY.

The 100 Point exercise clearly creates an opportunity for parents and players to acknowledge, identify, compare and prioritize the most important reasons why the child participates in youth sports.


Everyone begins with 100 points, you need to break the 100 points and prioritize what means the most to you (Individual perspective).  Player and Parent(s) individually prioritize why their child participates within youth sports. DO NOT share any information/scores until everyone is finished.

When everyone is finished, feel free to share without criticizing. You might be surprised at the similarities and differences.

For example:

  • Become a good athlete: 15
  • Learn to play the sport: 10
  • Learn Teamwork: 5
  • Win: 5
  • Increase Self-Confidence: 10
  • Learn to deal with defeat: 5
  • Physical Fitness: 10
  • Have Fun: 20
  • Make Friends: 20


  • Earn a college scholarship

This will be a great exercise and a foundation to realistically acknowledge “WHY” your child participates within youth sport. As the “Athletic Triangle” states we should be placing the interests of the athlete first, if the answers don’t match, again it’s imperative that you do not critique.

From personal experiences, I’ve implemented this exercise for athletes and parent between the ages of Under 9s – Under 12’s.  The feedback I’ve received is amazing and extremely positive, when you try it and reflective upon scores, you’ll truly understand its impacts.

Remember to place the athlete 1st

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Free free to download a template below:

Play Positive 100 Point 

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