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When the topic of parental involvement comes to the forefront, off the block we think “Problem” (Negative). We relate to the actions, communications and behaviors before, during and after practices and/or games. Such influential role and responsibilities should be looked upon as a tool/resource to aid and increase a child’s level of enjoyment, participation and most importantly development. The Sporting Influencer is designed to embrace such key role as parents and continually educate those on the sideline.

There would appear to be consensus that if parents were provided with information that would enable them to better understand the implications of their own behavior and beliefs, they would be more likely to moderate their actions to help create a more positive sporting environment for their children (Gould et al., 2006; Kidman et al., 1999; Stein et al., 1999)

The “Parents” area of the website will be dedicated to embrace and educate parents, while uploading invaluable resources that can be adapted to potentially better or continue their positive approach towards youth sport and aid their son/daughter development within sport as sports parents.

We’ve created a side-drop down menu with information, resources, tasks and Questions that may aid to further understanding your role as a sporting parent and the expectations your son/daughter have within the sporting environment. All the resources have been accumulated from evidence based research, personal/professional experiences, interviews and books.

To begin the process, here are three questions I’d like you to consider, answers and reflect?

  1. Start with WHY? Why do your son/daughter select to participate in sport?

  2. What kind of parent/spectator are you on the sideline?

F.Y.I – Don’t be afraid to ask your son/daughter 

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3) What would make your son/daughter QUIT sport(s) completely?

Feel free to post your answers and/or comments below

Thank you

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