Not Adults Yet

– Not Adults Yet –

They stand on a field,
Their hearts beating fast
The whistle has blown,
The die has been cast
Mum and Dad can’t help,
They stand all alone,
A goal at this moment
Would send the team home.
The ball nears their feet
They kick and it misses;
There’s a moan from the crowd,
Some boos and some hisses.
A Thoughtless voice cries out
‘Take of the bum’
Tears fill in their eyes,
It’s no longer fun.
If you’re ever tempted
To shout or to moan
Remember, it’s a CHILD
Who stands out there alone.
So open your heart
And give them a break,
It’s moments like this
A player you make.
Keep this in mind
When others forget
They’re only YOUNG CHILDREN,


Copyright reserved for owner.

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