I’ve prioritized the concept of “Feedback” within my arsenal within the coaching environment. Essentially I’ve found receiving feedback an important element in terms of improvement; improvement in terms of my personal and professional development, as a result if improvements are made the participants are going to get an evolving and better role model and coach. In my experience, I’ve been advised not to receiving feedback? Why? Naturally anyone will feel hesitant and nervous upon receiving feedback, but as coaches will need to possess the open-mindedness to improve. You might not agree, with someone’s comments, that fine. Let’s understand the true meaning of the comment and assess if it’s something that may need to be adapted or improved. Take responsibility. Additionally, I continually like to offer parents the opportunity to provide feedback, personally, it allows them to unconsciously reflect on the past season and identify if policies and procedures were implemented after stating them within the pre-season parents meeting.

  It’s all about getting better, in order to make others better.

Note: Let’s remember that the questions need to be specific to your environment.

Below are questions I’ve asked u9 and u10 parents:

  1. Do you think a “Fun” environment was created to allow players to fully express themselves?

  2.  On a scale of 1-5 (5 Being the highest) how content were you with the coaching observed during the season? Practice & Game Day

  3. Do you believe your child had the opportunity to equally play all positions this season?

  4. Do you agree or disagree that a development approach was implemented during the season?

  5. On a scale of 1-5 (5 Being the highest) how effective was the communication throughout the season with parents? i.e. Verbally and email.


Hope this will provide you with a foundation of where to work from.

Thank you

The Sporting Influencer

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