Developmental Action Plan: Coaches


The role of a coach has many diverse roles and responsibilities within any given sport. It’s imperative that we then continually strengthen these in many different ways, with one method being facilitating change by pledging to a developmental action plan.


Understanding how and what type of action is key to moving forwards. Acknowledging what types of targets, support, and steps are necessary in order to progress towards realistically attaining the set goal/objective.


Once we understand our role and responsibilities, then what type of action we need to endeavor towards in order to continue our progress as a coach. We must also not forget to continue this with reflection along the pathway.

Our role, take action with continuous reflections….

Something I put together this could be something that could be utilised within a developmental action plan. Where coaches hold themselves accountable and can see their progress throughout the year. Used a similar template for my dissertation (Degree and PGCE).

Original template designed by FAW

*This template can be changed and adapted to your wants and needs.

Thank you, Richard Cashman

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