In order to create a positive and supportive environment, effective communication is key. We all communicate verbally and non-verbally throughout our daily lives, and we cater our style of communication depending who we’re talking with, including our children and/or players.  What we fail, to understand at times is that our listening skills are just as important, then choosing the right words, the tone of our voice and how we act during conversations.

In relation to the sporting environment, we must remember that we’re communicating with a child or a teenager, therefore place yourselves in their shoes and think before you pass judgement or act negatively. Think about how you would like people to communicate with you? How? When? What? Why?

Let’s create some scenarios for parents: 

  • Imagine arriving home for work, and your boss, being there ready to analyse your day?
  • Would you prefer, some “Me Time” after work?
  • How would you feel if someone shakes their head negatively at everything you do in work? On the way home? At Home?
  • Hearing “You let me down” or “That was rubbish” as soon as you arrive home?
  • What about being welcomed after arriving at home?
  • Encouraging and supportive comments made throughout? A hug? A Smile?

Place yourself into the world of your child, how would they feel? Constantly expecting the same treatment? I for one, wouldn’t like to continue working within an environment where I was constantly shouted at, critiqued and not supported.  We all like to be, listened too, and spoken to in a supportive manner, therefore think before you speak. Maybe, all you need to say is…

“I enjoyed watching you play today?”

Thank you

The Sporting Influencer





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